It’s amazing how the use of a word can change over time. There are many words in the English language that have evolved through history. For example, the word “gay” has evolved away from the older use of the word which was "having or showing a merry, lively mood" As a result of this evolution the word gay in our present time has a completely different definition. The rabbis and affiliates of The Observant Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Association, believe the word messianic has also evolved. The OMJRA only defines the word messianic in the traditional Orthodox Jewish sense.

Historically Messianic was always synonymous with Judaism. This is because the traditional Biblical Jewish belief is that a personal messiah will establish his kingdom in the homeland of king David. From a biblical perspective this land is Israel. Unfortunately, some branches of the Christian community have tried to redefine the word messianic by establishing replacement theology. As a result the word messianic has been removed from a traditional Jewish definition and has been redefined to describe Christian doctrines which have become destructive to the Jewish people.

The members and affiliates of The Observant Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Association, still maintain that the word “Messianic” should be defined in the Orthodox sense and maintain its Biblical definition. The OMJRA members believe in a personal Messiah/King who will rule from Jerusalem in Israel with the single purpose of returning the land of Israel and its people to their former glory. As a result, of this definition, OMJRA members do not promote Christianity. The OMJRA promotes a Biblical and Torah defined form of Judaism. In other words, we are Torah-observant Jews who cling to the ancient promise of a Jewish King/Messiah who will rule from Jerusalem.