OMJRA Purpose

Torah Defined:

By definition any group claiming to be Torah Observant will be theologically conservative. In other words, all Torah observant messianic groups believe that the Torah does not change over time. This means that by definition it is understood that the commandments issued by HaShem thousands of years ago are still valid in this current generation. Therefore, all members of the OMJRA are theologically conservative individuals who believe that the Torah as it was given by HaShem on mount Sinai is eternal and unchanging. Therefore, mankind does not have the authority to change the commandments of the Torah to fit modern social norms.

All members of this organization agree with this philosophy and are messianic Jewish rabbis who willingly accept the commandments of the Torah upon our lives. Therefore, the Torah is the foundation the OMJRA uses to establish Halakhah. Any Halakhah established by the OMJRA is for the purpose of unity within in our own group. We believe that the Halakhah established by this organization does not superseded the Torah. However, the OMJRA establishes Halakhah for the purpose of preventing the unending arguments that disrupt many messianic groups. In other words, the OMJRA establishes Halakhah so that all OMJRA members will be accountable to one another and in unity in our memberships observance of the Torah.


Goal Oriented:

The goal of the Observant Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Association is to establish messianic credibility based on the highest quality and best trained rabbis in the messianic movement. The OMJRA accomplishes this by giving member rabbis consistent access to continuing education units. This gives each member rabbi the opportunity to hone his knowledge and research abilities. Therefore, all OMJRA affiliated rabbis are some of the best trained and most qualified rabbis in the messianic movement.

Member Driven

The Observant Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Association can not be defined without acknowledging the contributions of our global membership. Member rabbis of the OMJRA come from both the Saphardic and Ashkenazic traditions. This rich blending of this organization brings unity and enhances understanding of the cultural and historical differences that exist between the Sephardic and Ashkenazic communities. As a result, of diverse membership the OMJRA is capable of bringing the light of Torah and the illumination of Mashiach to the world. membership

Unified Observance

Many so called messianic groups argue concerning whether the celebration of Passover is to commence at the beginning of the fourteenth day or the beginning of the fifteenth day in the month of Aviv (Nisan). The OMJRA has a ruling of Halakhah concerning this issue. This ruling is to unify this organization and prevent the disunity and disfunction created in other messianic groups. The OMJRA recognizes and observes Passover following the guidelines established by Matthew, Mark and Luke. more...

Holy Day Events

During the second temple era holy days were determined by the signing of the new moon. When the new moon occurred the Sanhedrin called two witnesses to testify they sighted the moon. After the Sanhedrin was convinced fires were stated on high ground so that all Israel would be made aware the new month started. After the destruction of the temple and the end of the Sanhedrin it was determined that the most unified way was using a calculated new moon day. Israel is once again a nation. Therefore, the OMJRA determined it will return to the second temple practice of using the sighted new moon, verified by witnesses. Event Calendar